I currently work out of a vintage '67 Aloha travel trailer in our backyard. Sometimes my unpaid interns “help”.


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I was born and raised on the plains of central Illinois, surrounded by farm land and open gravel roads. As a kid, my imagination and drawing pads (+ Commodore 64 / Nintendo games) were my go-tos for passing the time.

As I got older, an interest in art continued to grow, so when it was time to choose a major in college I went with Illustration, thinking I might make art for kid's books. While I earned my Bachelor's I didn't take any animation classes but I had access to the school’s computers and taught myself animation in Flash 5 on a Mac. I scanned in drawings, vectorized them in Illustrator and animated them in Flash. For the first few years after college, I focused my energy on posting personal animated projects online while I made a little money creating interactive e-cards for a subsidiary of Hallmark. The dream of creating my own short films and other experiments and sharing them on the bourgeoning creative landscape of the internet was incredibly exciting to me (this was around the year 2000).

Now its 20+ years later, After Effects has long been my tool of choice, and I have created animated work for a variety of clients and worked with many wonderful teams of people over this stretch of time. I am truly thankful for all the challenges and successes I’ve been afforded, and would love to hear from you if there’s a project you feel I could help out on!